Worm and flea treatment

It is vital to guard against burden that can damage internal structures & pose a health risk to your family.

Puppies & kittens are often infested with roundworms from birth and regular worming is essential both for their health and also to reduce the risk of human toxocariasis. Many over the counter products available contain outdated drugs which are not very effective. Please contact the practice for a free weigh and worm appointment and we will tailor a protocol for your new puppy or kitten.

Adult dogs & cats need not only regular treatment for roundworms, tapeworms and lungworms but also for external parasites like fleas, mites, lice and ticks. Again, it is best to book a weigh and worm appointment which will allow us to discuss your pet’s lifestyle and tailor the most appropriate protocol.

Regular preventative treatment is one of the reasons we have set up our Pet Health Club. You can get more information by visiting our PHC page.