Surgical procedures

We have a spacious operating theatre for sterile procedures. We have a preparation area separate to the main theatre where, once anaesthetised, the patient is clipped, cleaned and prepared for surgery. Once this stage is complete, the patient is transferred to the main theatre. Non-sterile procedures such as lancing an abscess are carried out in the preparation area. Dentistry is performed on a separate tub-table.

We are incredibly lucky to have a spacious and well-equipped surgical theatre at Bromyard Vets. This area is used for sterile procedures only to allow us to maintain a sterile environment.

It is equipped with a full selection of surgical kits and equipment as well as suction and electrocautery to assist with surgery.

We are lucky to have a visiting orthopaedic service for patients requiring procedures such as fracture repairs or techniques for cruciate rupture.

Sally our RVN is responsible for theatre maintenance and holds an advanced diploma in surgical nursing.