Dental treatment


Once tartar has started to form on your pets teeth even brushing will not remove it and dental treatment will be required to prevent the progression of periodontal disease. All dental treatment is carried out under general anaesthetic to allow thorough examination and treatment without causing stress or pain.

Tartar is removed using an ultrasonic scaler which then allows assessment of the gum-tooth margin and exploration of dental pockets. X-rays are taken as needed. Where there is advanced disease with decay, cavities or tooth-loosening, then tooth extraction is carried out using modern extraction techniques.

The teeth are then polished using an air-driven polisher and paste to smooth the surface of the teeth and reduce the rate at which tartar will reform. Following dental treatment our nurses will discuss the best options to help keep your pet’s teeth healthy.

Diets and chews can be useful but if your pet is amenable then daily brushing is the gold standard of preventative care and our nurses will show you how to clean your pet’s teeth.

Bromyard Vets have a fully equipped dental facility using state-of-the-art equipment which allows us to take first class care of your pet’s teeth.

In 2020 we purchased the latest technology in dental radiographic imaging. This means we now can take much better images and in a fraction the time. Dental x-rays, similar to human dental x-rays, are a vital part in assessing how healthy the teeth are.

It is important to treat dental disease in your pet, not only because animals can’t tell their owners when their teeth hurt, but also because advanced dental disease causes bacteria to get into the bloodstream which can cause damage to other organs, particularly renal (kidney) damage.

Dental disease is also very common in rabbits and other small mammals, mainly due to overgrowth of teeth which is exacerbated by poor diet. We will be able to advise you on the best diet and dental care tips for your rabbit and we also have specialist equipment for trimming overgrown incisors and molar teeth as needed.