The aim of our Wellness Scheme is, as it’s name suggests, to help you maintain your pet in optimum condition throughout their life by providing you with all of their preventative healthcare treatments at the right time throughout the years.

Such preventative treatments include:

Vaccination – vital to protect your pet from incurable diseases

Worming – vital to guard against burden that can damage internal structures & pose a health risk to your family

Flea treatments – necessary to protect your pet and your home from unwanted visitors.

How the scheme works

This voluntary scheme which is discounted, allows you to spread the cost of healthcare over 12 months and can be reviewed & continued on an annual basis if you wish.

We create a package bespoke to your pet’s needs which will include:

Annual booster vaccination & health check
Sufficient worming treatments for the year
Sufficient flea treatments for the year

At the appropriate times throughout the year, we will supply you with the flea & worm treatments. If you prefer, we can post these items to you. We will send you a reminder when your pet’s booster vaccination is due, so you can telephone us to make an appointment.

Alongside the package a 5% discount would be offered on all foods, including the Hill’s lifestage diets which is already discounted by way of the loyalty scheme.

We can also obtain most commercially available diets, so please ask to see if we can obtain your pet(s) regular food.

Free health checks with the nurse will also be included. She can provide support & advice on a range of topics such as weight loss, diet & exercise, behavioural issues, dental care and lifestyle adjustments to meet the changing needs of your pet.

For further information or to sign up to the Wellness Scheme, please ask for Kirsty (Head Nurse).