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COVID-19 Adaptations to Bromyard Vets

We are implementing some new changes at Bromyard Vets to keep you safe in this pandemic while visiting our clinic. As you know the days are getting shorter and it becomes dark very quickly. On top of that the weather is getting more and more unfavourable. Discussing your pet’s clinical history in the car park in the dark and in the rain is not ideal and we do understand that.


This is why we have designed a new system in our previously unused garage. There are two separate stations where you will be able to discuss your pet’s case that is more sheltered and brighter.

Once you arrive at the clinic please stay in the car and call the practice number on your mobile. After that keep a close eye on either the reception door or the garage where we have constructed the stations.

Once we call you in please step to the station that the vet or nurse has assigned you to. You can secure your dog’s lead by using the hooks attached to the walls. In order to use them we ask you to bring an appropriately long lead with a hook. Do not use flexi-leads or simple ropes.
We encourage you to use the hand sanitiser that is inside the station.

We ask you to also keep the area clean and not let your dog urinate on the walls inside the stations.

Cat carriers should be placed on the small black table provided. These tables are sturdy enough to be able to take the weight of even the heaviest cat however they are not strong enough to take on a human so please do not sit on them or let your dog walk on them.